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How to get direct referrals

Here are my methods of how to get direct referrals.

Advertise your referral link to other ptc sites

This method is good but you must invest some money to get results.One tip is to use bigger and most known ptc’s to advertise your new ptc’s and not the opposite.

Also there are some ptc’s that charge very few for advertising such as pplinx .Give it a try.

Build a website or a blog for ptc’s

This is the best method by far but it will need some time and effort in order to bring visitors to your site.

Advertise your referral link to other sites/blogs which have “make money online” or “best ptc” niche.

Search in google or yahoo,with keywords e.g.”best ptc”,”make money online” and try to contact the site owners in order to advertise your referral link.Be carefull not to pay too much,unless you know you ‘ll get many referrals per day.

Try to find a mail list with people that want to make money online and send them a newsletter with your favorite ptc list

Try to find site owners that use newsletter for their site and ask them to advertise your ref link.