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Bux or ptc sites?

ptcI’ve been working with paid to click sites since 2008.If you ask me how many sites i have signed in,the answer would be “too many”.Probably¬† more than 150.

When i started i was registering in any site i could find,thinking that if i could find more i could increase my income.Right?

WRONG.This is the most common mistake that many people do.The first thing that all of you must do when starting with ptc’s is to find TRUSTED paid to click sites and focus to them.

Try to avoid scam sites and the best way to do that is to find sites that are online and pay their members according to T.O.S. more than 2 years.

And from my experience avoid bux sites.You can identify a bux site not necessarily from the name(not all sites that start with bux… are bux sites),but from the fake referrals (bots) they sell and their usual logo “you must click at least 4 ads per day if you want to earn from your referrals tommorow” .Why? Because 98% of them go scam after a while and don’t pay their members.I’ve been scammed few times and lost some money at the beginning.Many of you know and remember bux.to or gagabux….

The only bux site that did not go scam is neobux.It’s been online 5 years now and they didn’t have any major problems.

So try to register in PTC or PTR or GPT sites.Find the most trusted ones and begin to make some money!!!!