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Men may need to cultivate this animosity towards women in order to stop themselves from instinctively putting women's needs before their own. Seeing a woman write these things somehow validates my own thoughts - when I read and post on other forums and see women left and right shoot down these points as "misognystic" or whatever, I almost start doubting that they have any legitimacy to them. Conversely, she was Man Plus. It's the same dynamic in same-sex relationships where one partner is the "girl" and the other the "guy. It's something that everyone has, but the system does its damnedest to bury it under a mountain of Opposite Day rhetoric.

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It might be my unique experience, but I was well liked and I pull my own weight at work mechanic so when I came out I had very little trouble with my work-a-day buds giving me shit.

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Dean Esmay 14 May at And a woman can also fill her primary female job just by lying around doing not much at all. One thing that's been noticeable forever is that a good way to make fun of someone is to dress them up as something greater than they are, or perceived to be. While performing these tasks may put them at risk which is to be avoided, if possibleand often puts a double burden on them in that they may be expected to do the work of two people, it's entirely possible for them to do it and still be of value to the company. Phil 20 January at

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