Mucousal disharge from vagina

Alpha blockers may relieve symptoms in some patients with urethral instability. Numerous studies have shown that more than a history is necessary to evaluate the cause of a patient's symptoms. The mechanism of urinary continence in women with severe uterovaginal prolapse: Assessment of urinary loss over a two-hour test period: Bethesda, National Institutes of Health,

Some involuntary detrusor contractions can be missed even with the use of electronic, continuous, multichannel, subtracted cystometric evaluations with provocation.

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Normal resting and dynamic urethral closure pressure profiles during augmenting maneuvers rectal and urethral squeezeValsalva's maneuver, and repetitive coughing in a postmenopausal woman. The one-hour pad-weighing test: This test incorporates all the activities of the standard 1-hour test into a simpler, faster, and more reproducible format. This contributes to the poor accuracy of symptoms as predictors of underlying conditions. Insensate Incontinence Other women may have no sensation before urinary loss termed unconscious incontinence or insensible loss. Ureteral fistulae may also cause continuous leakage of urine and may exist concurrently with a vesicovaginal fistula. A study of combined urethrocystometry and urethrocystography in healthy and stress incontinent females.


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