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I felt like I had made a friend, a kinship born out of a literal physical exposure and intimacy, and what would be the first of many sincere and honest conversations about fat acceptance and body positivity. Thanks to Tosh and his dedicated cheap-shottin fans, I became keenly aware of just how visible the photos on the Adipositivity Project were and that they could do more than inspire those who might benefit from them. I'm not an exhibitionist or a porn star. Definitely not anyone at the gym or even back in gym class. Before I posed for Ms. Jones told me to turn my head, my hands, move my arm or foot. And if we showed those things, would anything change?

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Either way, as you may or may not be aware, actress, model, and activist Janie Martinez 's beautiful photo in which she -- a very fat woman -- is wearing a gold string bikini and hailing a cab in the rain from adipositivity.

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I'm An Adipositivity Model, Just Like The One Whose Photo Was Stolen By Tosh.0

Maybe not even love -- just be OK with myself. Jones's, as well as other activists like Marilyn Wann and Velvet D'Amour, the fatties and our allies began to rally against Tosh. And the next came and went, and the next. The next morning, Jezebel got wind of the story, and added another visceral cry to the pack. Cause she is FAT! But each person in a miniskirt fat or thin or inbetweenie is a triumph, each exaggerated belly and bold print over bolder ass a statement, and we, of all shapes and sizes, should not be afraid to speak out. Abby emailed me her photos and urged me to participate, with the kind of annoying enthusiasm that only a girl much smaller than me could have.

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