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Bweeble-Get paid to read mails-Social list builder

I found a new program that is excellent for advertisers and for people who want to make money. Bweeble is a List Builder, but not only that! It has a Social Media component that allows you to send messages to other members, who can then see your Bweeble page where you can link your websites for them to view.

Bweeble – Social List Builder

  • Build Your Brand

With Bweeble’s Brand Builder you can drag and drop special modules to build your own branded email template!

  • Viral Email Marketing

With this easy-to-use feature you can send out your branded email at all the top list builders with your customized profile!As a free member you can email 1000 members every 7 days. However, as an upgraded member you can send up to 8500 emails every 2 days, not to mention tons of other amazing benefits

  • Daily Cash Prizes

Win lots of prizes such as cash and bonus credits just for being an active member!

Something pretty wonderful – it’s the NEW brand builder that’s helping build your business and grow your brand.

Stop being invisible online and start getting YOUR BRAND seen.

Get noticed and make money.

So what Bweeble is?A list mailer, a list builder, a brand builder, a money maker, in fact almost everything anyone promoting online needs!

Clixsense offers

Few days ago clixsense has announced a new way to increase your earnings,clixsense offers.
There will be different types of offers such as, surveys, shopping, signups, downloads, games and free offers.
For more information about the payments,availability and commissions you can visit this link:
I think it’s a great new feature from Clixsense,because now the active members can earn more daily(some offers pay you up to 16$),just by completing these offers.
If you are not a member yet don’t waste time sign up now:

CrowdFlower Tasks from Clixsense

Clixsense has introduced a new feature few days ago.It’s called CrowdFlower Tasks and it’s another income stream where gives everyone the opportunity to earn more by completing small Tasks.
The good good thing about this is not only you can earn more money by completing simple tasks,but you can also earn from your direct referrals.
Each time your direct referral completes a task you earn commissions on their work.
Commissions are 5% for standard members and 10% for premium members.
Happy earnings to all!!!

Bux or ptc sites?

ptcI’ve been working with paid to click sites since 2008.If you ask me how many sites i have signed in,the answer would be “too many”.Probably  more than 150.

When i started i was registering in any site i could find,thinking that if i could find more i could increase my income.Right?

WRONG.This is the most common mistake that many people do.The first thing that all of you must do when starting with ptc’s is to find TRUSTED paid to click sites and focus to them.

Try to avoid scam sites and the best way to do that is to find sites that are online and pay their members according to T.O.S. more than 2 years.

And from my experience avoid bux sites.You can identify a bux site not necessarily from the name(not all sites that start with bux… are bux sites),but from the fake referrals (bots) they sell and their usual logo “you must click at least 4 ads per day if you want to earn from your referrals tommorow” .Why? Because 98% of them go scam after a while and don’t pay their members.I’ve been scammed few times and lost some money at the beginning.Many of you know and remember or gagabux….

The only bux site that did not go scam is neobux.It’s been online 5 years now and they didn’t have any major problems.

So try to register in PTC or PTR or GPT sites.Find the most trusted ones and begin to make some money!!!!

ptc sites

Ptc sites is a great way to make some extra money online every month,from the comfort of your home.Some people i know make 300-500$ per month and believe me it’s not so difficult if you have a good plan and some patience.

Direct referrals is the key for that and avoiding scams sites in a few months you could be making a good steady income.

Find 5-8 elite ptc sites and focus to them.Get to know which ptc sites you have to avoid and which are the best.Do your own clicks and bring as many referrals as you can.

To help you avoid scams i have made a list with the best ptc sites.

Join the best ptc sites and start earning from today…


Best ptc sites

In my opinion 2 are the best ptc sites:

The first one of the best ptc sites and by far the most trusted one is clixsense.They have been 4 years online with no major problems and paying its members thousands of dollars.I have been personally been paid more than 200 $ till now.If you haven’t joined yet,join now:


The second one of the best ptc sites is buxp.This is a very trusted site too with many ways to earn money without having a single referral.They always add new features which makes it more easier to make more money.Don’t waste your time join now:

For the whole list of the best ptc sites check here