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3 cheap ways to advertise your referral link or your site

Below you will find 3 sites where you can advertise your referral link or your blog-site, in order to get visitors or referrals to your favorite programs.Legit sites with thousands of members.

The first one is Clixsense where you can get 1.000 ad credits for 2,20$. It is very effective for promoting PTC sites, especially new ones, and for site owners that want huge traffic in a small time period.You also get geo tergeted traffic options

The second one is Clixwall, where advertisement starts at 2$ for 5.000 credits.Cheap and effective too,recommended for site or PTC owners and for those who want to get referrals to any kind “work from home” scene sites. Geo targeted ads included.It also has task campaigns for all needs.

The third one is similar to clixwall, but without task campaigns. It is a little bit cheaper with advertisement that starts at 0.50$ for 1.000 credits.

All 3 of them are user friendly sites and use Paypal  (and many more) as a payment processor.


Best ptc sites

In my opinion 2 are the best ptc sites:

The first one of the best ptc sites and by far the most trusted one is clixsense.They have been 4 years online with no major problems and paying its members thousands of dollars.I have been personally been paid more than 200 $ till now.If you haven’t joined yet,join now:


The second one of the best ptc sites is buxp.This is a very trusted site too with many ways to earn money without having a single referral.They always add new features which makes it more easier to make more money.Don’t waste your time join now:

For the whole list of the best ptc sites check here